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      Our Extremely Effective Rug Cleaning Process

      Depending on the rug quality and dirt level, our professional rug cleaners in Sunshine Coast follow these steps for ensuring effective cleaning of the rugs.

      Thorough Observation

      Observation of the rug’s condition is important for gathering an estimate about dirt level, and fabric type of the rug.

      Water Removal

      After developing a brief understanding of the rugs, we proceed with vacuuming.

      Infected Logo
      Hot Water Extraction

      This process helps in the deep cleaning of the germs, bacteria, and dirt that remains stuck on the lowest layer of the rugs.

      Hands And Gestures
      Drying up

      Wet rugs when left unattended, can develop mold and bacterial growth instantly.

      Post Cleaning

      Proceeding towards the final step, we do a quick post-cleaning inspection to spot any stain or dirt left during the cleaning process.

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